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What Are Erectile Dysfunction Pills?

Erectile Dysfunction is the most common sexual dysfunction that affects major men across the globe. There are plenty of medications that have been developed to treat ED and these are known as ED pills.

All these pills belong to the family of PDE-5 inhibitors and have been approved by the US FDA- Approved and hence are safe to be used. These pills are to be used only after getting a prescription from the doctor to avoid adverse consequences.

List of FDA-Approved Medications Includes

●  Viagra


●  Cialis

●  Avanafil

All four medications have been tested safe and effective to be used by men but possess certain side effects too. You are likely to fall prey to side effects in case you missed them. The first PDE-5 inhibitor that was developed accidentally is Viagra which contains Sildenafil. This is an extremely useful ingredient that enhances blood circulation and hence finds application in treating pulmonary heart diseases too.

What Is the Working Mechanism of ED Pills?

It’s known to everyone around that erection is the result of external stimulation such as smell, touch, or view and can also be the result of psychological thinking that turns you on. When a person is sexually aroused the messages pass down through the central nervous system to the penis that it’s time for an erection.


Later the cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate is produced that is responsible for relaxing the muscles in the penis. This further opens up a wide path for blood to enter the penis making it hard.

Once the erection has occurred, the production of the PDE-5 enzyme starts which brings back an erection by breaking down cGMP. After that, the blood flows back from the penis making your erection collapse.

This is where these pills play a crucial role. They inhibit the action of PDE-5 enzymes and stop the breakdown of cGMP. This lets your penis remain erect for a longer time. Although these pills are effective enough there are side effects that you must be careful of.

Why Do People Buy ED Pills Over-the-Counter?

ED can be only accessed if you have a legal prescription from your doctor. This is because the FDA has started it to be a medicine-only drug. Hence the illegal usage of these drugs is not advised. But many men believe that ED pills are known to enhance sexual performance and increase the time in bed, hence they look forward to buying them.

As they don’t have ED prescriptions they fail to buy them and look for over-the-counter ways.  Many pieces of research prove that millions of men across the globe used these medications recreationally.

Plenty of researchers suggests that these cases of recreational usage of Viagra 200mg have occurred regularly and it will increase with passing days. Also, it’s certainly easy to obtain erectile dysfunction drugs through online pharmacies, close friends, and relatives.

These online pharmacies are not certified and buying from them could enhance the risk of getting a fake ED pill. Higher usage of these recreational ED drugs could be linked to risks that might cause medical threats.

How Dangerous Is It to Consume Fake Erectile Dysfunction Pills?

As it is poorly regulated there are certainly chances that you might end up buying fake ED pills. These fake drugs might contain some harmful ingredients that are not appropriate for your body.

There are plenty of cases when fake ED drugs were seized in high quantities. And till date, it is believed that these fake meds are produced in large amounts. All these pills are produced in an inappropriate environment with unhygienic conditions. Also, fake pills are exposed to toxic habitats and chemicals.

Fake Viagra pills are full of cheap and toxic ingredients that are tested to be unsafe. A fake ED pill was out under the lab test that revealed some surprising results. These pills had detergents, road paint, and talcum powder. It’s rather crucial to know how much Sildenafil each pill contains.

Not being aware of this could cause you to overdose. It’s quite possible that fake Viagra could turn out to be fatal. And no regulations might also lead to a situation that the pill might eventually not contain any active ingredient.

When you consume fake Viagra it is possible that you might face some serious medical issues such as vision problems, nausea, elevation in blood pressure, and heart diseases. Hence be sure to cross-check your ED pills and consult a doctor. It’s always better to buy these medications from a trusted source both online and offline.

What Are the Side Effects of Using Fake ED Pills?

 In case you end up buying and consuming ED pills like Levitra 10mg from an unknown brand and source you are likely to encounter potential side effects. It has been found that the majority of ED drugs that you buy from online mode are risky and fake. Additionally, FDA warns people that these fake ED medications might have harmful ingredients that can cause side effects like

●  Flushing

● Nasal Congestion

●  Dizziness

●  Headaches

●  Rash

●  Upset Stomach

● Vision-Related Issues

●  Diarrhea

●  High Blood Pressure

●  Heart Issues


Surprisingly, the major people who consume fake Viagra are those who do not need it medically. They are looking to use it just to enhance their sexual lives. Using these medications in the wrong way can lead to harm to your body and might degrade it. These medications are known to work physically and hence might alter your blood pressure and heart rate too. Hence be wise while buying these medicines.