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In the fast-paced environment of healthcare professionals, where these professions are constantly exposed with patients and various medical processes, the hands play a significant role. Better comfort and protection with medical gloves is not only vital for the well-being of the health professionals but also for the safety of their clients/patients. This blog articulates some practical guide for maintaining better comfort and protection while using medical gloves in Australia.

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1. Selecting the right Gloves:
Not all gloves are produced same. Finding the right set of gloves based on the particular tasks and requirement is crucial. No matter its latex gloves, nitrile gloves, or vinyl gloves, identifying the differences and choosing the right one can significantly impact comfort and protection.


2. Proper Sizing:
Comfort and agility can be hampered due to ill-fitting gloves. To ensure the better comfort and agility selecting the appropriate size by measuring of hands is crucial. A comfy fit without being too tight or too loose allows for better grasp and flexibility.

3. Skin Care Routine:
Continuous use of gloves in australia for longer period of time can lean to various skin related issues such as irritation and dryness. Performing a regular skincare that could be moisturizing and hydrating the hands in regular interval can avoid issues such as dermatitis and cracking.

4. Regular glove change:
Regular use of same gloves is not recommended. Replacement of gloves between the works can also avoid the risk of contamination and can minimize the skin irritation related issues from regular contact to certain materials. Thus, gloves need to be changed regularly, especially if they become stained or torn during use.

5. Remove properly:
In order to avoid or reduce the risk of cross-contamination and exposure to pathogens gloves needs to be removed properly. Thus, it is advised to follow recommended glove removal techniques to reduce the contamination of germs and protect both the user and others as well.

6. Alert regarding Allergies:
People might have different allergies to certain type of glove material, such as latex. Thus, while selecting the best glove each individual need to be aware of potential allergens and finding the better alternative material such as nitrile and vinyl can prevent such possible allergic reactions and ensure comfort as well as protection for all the related users.

Things to remember before and after the use of gloves:
Proper hand hygiene practices are essential before, after and even while wearing gloves. Proper hand wash before and after the use of gloves can avoid the risk of infectious contamination. Additionally, hand sanitizers or antimicrobial wipes can be used for further improvement of the cleanliness

Take a Break:
Using gloves for longer period of time can create discomfort as possibility of excessive sweating can occur. Thus, taking regular breaks during gloves use can allow skin to breathe and recover properly.

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