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Tummy Tuck and Mommy Makeover: Popular Combinations in Dubai

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Becoming a mother is a joyous experience, but it often brings significant changes to a woman’s body. Many women in Dubai opt for a “Mommy Makeover” to regain their pre-pregnancy physique. A popular component of this makeover is the tummy tuck in Dubai, or abdominoplasty, which can be combined with other procedures to achieve comprehensive body rejuvenation. This article explores popular combinations for a Mommy Makeover, the cost of a tummy tuck in Dubai, and the importance of before and after images. It also highlights various types of tummy tucks to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a personalized combination of cosmetic procedures designed to restore and enhance a woman’s body after childbirth. Common procedures include a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or lift, liposuction, and sometimes facial rejuvenation treatments.

Popular Combinations in a Mommy Makeover

  1. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty):

    • Removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles.
  2. Breast Augmentation or Lift:

    • Enhances breast size and shape or lifts sagging breasts.
  3. Liposuction:

    • Removes stubborn fat deposits from various body areas like thighs, hips, and arms.
  4. Buttock Augmentation:

    • Enhances the shape and size of the buttocks.
  5. Facial Rejuvenation:

    • Includes procedures like Botox, fillers, and facelifts to rejuvenate the face.

Types of Tummy Tucks

Understanding the different types of tummy tucks can help tailor the Mommy Makeover to your specific needs:

  1. Traditional Tummy Tuck:

    • Description: Involves a hip-to-hip incision, removing significant excess skin and tightening abdominal muscles.
    • Ideal For: Women with substantial skin laxity and muscle separation post-pregnancy.
    • Recovery: Longer recovery period due to the extensive nature of the surgery.
  2. Mini Tummy Tuck:

    • Description: Features a smaller incision, focusing on the lower abdomen.
    • Ideal For: Women with minimal excess skin and muscle laxity below the navel.
    • Recovery: Shorter recovery time compared to a traditional tummy tuck.
  3. Endoscopic Tummy Tuck:

    • Description: Utilizes an endoscope for minimal skin removal, focusing on muscle tightening.
    • Ideal For: Women with minor muscle separation and minimal skin excess.
    • Recovery: Faster recovery due to the minimally invasive approach.
  4. Tummy Tuck with Liposuction:

    • Description: Combines liposuction with a tummy tuck to remove fat deposits and excess skin.
    • Ideal For: Women with stubborn fat deposits and loose skin, seeking a more contoured abdomen.
    • Recovery: Depends on the extent of both procedures; may involve a slightly longer recovery.
  5. Reverse Abdominoplasty:

    • Description: Targets the upper abdomen with incisions placed under the breasts.
    • Ideal For: Women with excess skin primarily in the upper abdomen, often combined with breast surgery.
    • Recovery: Similar to traditional tummy tuck recovery, focusing on the upper abdomen.
  6. Circumferential Abdominoplasty:

    • Description: Addresses the entire midsection, including the back.
    • Ideal For: Women post-massive weight loss, with excess skin around the entire torso.
    • Recovery: Longer recovery period due to the extensive nature of the surgery.
  7. Fleur de Lis Abdominoplasty:

    • Description: Involves both vertical and horizontal incisions to remove significant horizontal and vertical skin excess.
    • Ideal For: Women with considerable skin excess in both dimensions.
    • Recovery: More extensive recovery due to the larger incisions.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Dubai

The tummy tuck cost in Dubai varies depending on the surgeon’s expertise, clinic location, and the procedure’s complexity. On average:

  • Full Tummy Tuck: AED 26,500 to AED 46,999 Combining the tummy tuck with liposuction or other procedures as part of a Mommy Makeover can increase the cost, but package deals are often available.

Importance of Before and After Images

Before and after tummy tuck images are essential for setting realistic expectations and helping you make an informed decision. They:

  • Showcase Results: Provide visual evidence of the surgeon’s skills and the potential outcomes.
  • Aid in Decision Making: Help you understand what is achievable and whether the results align with your goals.
  • Build Trust: Demonstrate the surgeon’s experience and success with previous before and after tummy tuck results.


A Mommy Makeover in Dubai, often centered around a tummy tuck, offers women the opportunity to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and boost their confidence. Understanding the different types of tummy tucks and the costs involved, along with reviewing before and after images, will help you make an informed decision. Consult with a board-certified surgeon of plastic surgery clinic in Dubai to determine the best combination of procedures for achieving your aesthetic goals and enjoying a smooth, successful transformation