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Common Misconceptions about the Local Musicians in Pakistan

Fizza Iliyas

There is a world of misconceptions forming out there. Especially, regarding the local musicians and the music industry. However, it is not very unlikely thing. Especially in Pakistan, it is quite a normal occurrence. Take the case of Naseebo Lal and her difficult journey as a singer. Initially, she began to showcase her singing skills at small events within the parameters of her village. Nonetheless, she had no familial support until she conquered the stage. Thus, efforts can change mindsets.

Additionally, the misunderstandings rise when there is little or no awareness. This implies that unlike the western societies, ours is still on the journey of self-discovery. So, it is very much possible to fall prey to such notions. For instance, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan took Qawwali out of the shrines. And he promoted it on international platforms. Thus, making this genre known far and wide. Just imagine if he had not done this, Qawwali’s beauty would have stayed inside the shrines itself.

What’s more, one can shatter these notions when we know them first. So, this blog will shed some light on perceptions that are absolutely incorrect about our artists. These are as follows.

Misconceptions about Local Musicians

1)    Negative influence

Primarily, it is very easy to assume that youth is probably under the western influence. Therefore, people consider that music is also a product of this modernization. Thus, a common man can take it as a negative influence of the other foreign cultures on our Asian culture. Moreover, it also allows the fear of losing one’s culture entirely. This, then affects the image of local musicians negatively as well.

On the contrary, today the music industry is making big waves. Nonetheless, it is a way to promote various cultural aspects. Presently, a lot of people are fond of songs. Thus, the regional singers are using it as a publicity tool to showcase the beauty of Pakistani heritage. Hadiqa Kiani is the best epitome of this. She made international audience become familiar with Pashto culture. In addition, she did this all through a song, Jaanan.

2)    Controversies promote Musicians

Another popular opinion revolves around the music enthusiasts. It is widely thought that musicians get exposure through the fueled arguments. Clearly, it is not hard to believe this either. There is a large viewership given to emerging videos of singers dueling among themselves. And more sparks of flame appear with fan made videos. Thus, this content gets viral on the internet and becomes a part of the common mindset.

What’s more, there have been constant propagandas. The artists, and others in such fields easily become victims of these. Thus, sometimes the clashes rise. Mostly, it is due to spices added by the media persons themselves. They become blinded by the ratings. However, the artists’ names are what gets defamed in the process. Additionally, ordinary people too carry a habit of generalization. Most musicians are swept under the rug due to this.

Conversely, it is the good music that brought limelight to many. The heated arguments arise everywhere. Yet, it is not the sole source that has brought the local musicians a huge fame. Moreover, this is the age of advanced technology and internet. Here, the ranking charts calculate the data based on how many views a certain singer’s track has got.

3)    Immoral Profession

This stigma especially follows the female artists around. The various music, film and drama industries fall under the category of immorality. These are thought to be the producers of ill conduct. On the contrary, males are not excluded from it either. Therefore, the people look down upon the local musicians, actors, and such professionals. Usually, this is the common perspective of elderly people among us.

On the other hand, it is not true at all. The singers are offered a means of earning through this career path. Additionally, they are given a chance to express themselves through their talents. Furthermore, as an artist, one still holds the freedom of dress code. A perfect illustration of this is the style of Eva-B. She is quite a popular female rapper who covers her face. Nonetheless, fans appreciate her for her mind-blowing rapping alone.

4)    Fruitless Distraction

Many even believe music to be a complete waste of time. This is another popular misconception among others. Moreover, people highlight the addictive nature of songs. Thus, this makes the local musicians seem like entertainers and enforcers of terrible change in our lives. Besides this, there are a lot of music listeners. Thus, it sure seems like the whole idea is very true.

However, the singers do not work in vain. For the songs help their fans during mood swings. Furthermore, listeners turn towards the music as it eases their minds amidst the tensions. The composers through their remarkable works act as support system for many as well. For the artists pour their heart and soul into their works. So, the fans find the lyrics relatable and thus, a virtual connection comes into being. Significantly, the Pashto local musicians are spreading awareness about war through their songs.

Final words

To sum it all, there is a lot of rumors surrounding the local musicians. The first one is that local musicians serve as a negative influence just like the music. Secondly, another popular belief is that regional singers gain fame through their music battles on the online platforms. Thirdly, this profession is deemed immoral. This comment especially halts the talented females from pursing this career path. Lastly, the local musicians are said to be the producers of mere distractions in the form of songs.

However, there are two sides to a story. So, the general masses should broaden their view. The local musicians are not working in vain. They are using music to spread their regional culture. Moreover, some even use it now-a-days to raise war awareness. Since, the music industry is growing rapidly. Besides, every artist makes his name in the industry through their fine music not because of controversies. Finally, all the songs are not useless. The compositions bring the artist and listeners closer due to the relatable lyrics. Hence, always verify the rumors before you place your faith in it.