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Creating a Data Mart – The Big Data Model That Can Save Your Business

EW Solutions

If you want your business to grow in this rapidly transforming, global world, you must learn to make decisions with the help of trusted, contextual market data.

Similarly, data about clients, competitors, and internal finances must not only be adequately analyzed but also stored and integrated using proper data warehouse methods.

Creating a Data Mart is one of the best such data management solutions available today. But what is it exactly? Here is a commercial guide to a unique way of looking at market information.

What is Data Mart Warehousing?

Data Warehousing Solutions go a long way in preserving essential information and exploring different categories of your business data in much more detail. Data Mart, a beautiful approach to data warehousing, goes to an even greater depth of data categorization and analysis and allows you to tailor each data management tool to separate sections of this information, turning raw data into useful knowledge.

4 Types of Data Marts

So you might ask how Data Marts assist your big data model the best! Here are the main ways in which a data mart is built and how they differ from one another!

Dependent Data Mart

This type of Data Mart draws data directly from a single, existing data warehouse. The data warehouse acts as a centralization unit for all the dependent units. You can extract well-defined subsets of the data warehouse as needed by you, therefore enhancing the practicality of a primary information store house.

Independent Data Mart

For short projects, independent Data Marts might be the way to go. As you can guess from their name, these are set up independently of the data warehouse. We use various sources to set up an Independent Data Mart, and it is one of the better data management solutions, offering professionals added freedom as well as flexibility.

Operational Data Mart

It acts as a bridge between operational systems like databases, applications, and other external sources and our data warehouse. As a result, it provides near-real-time access to transactional data, unlike traditional data, which is static. It is also cost-effective and offers excellent insights for tactical decision-making between different subsets.


Hybrid Data Mart

Combining the best of both worlds, the hybrid data mart combines data from your Data Warehouse as well as the SAAS application and your SQL database. You have access to clean data and the flexibility to add sources as required.


Final Words

Whether it be optimizing business strategies, tracking financial metrics, or operating efficiency of your business, data marts offer valuable insights. Choosing the correct type of data mart can help boost your growth and reduce losses. It also allows us to look at data segments individually, independent of loosely related other segments, providing much greater clarity. It is also one of the more popular data governance solutions offering clarity to your business.