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Different Patterns of Herringbone Flooring

Olivia Stephens

Flooring is an important part of any house. These days there are various kinds of flooring patterns available and you need to choose wisely among them. Although all of them are beautiful but oak herringbone flooring holds a different charm. There are various types of patterns available in this herringbone flooring as well and here we will be discussing each of them.

The first one in line is the traditional herringbone flooring pattern. This pattern is the oldest one in the form. In this pattern the planks are laid side by side in such a way that they form a zig zag pattern. Since this pattern looks like the skeleton of the herringbone fish therefore the name. The next one is the double herringbone pattern. In this pattern two different floorboards are arranged together in the similar zig zag pattern. This arrangement appears to be more dramatic and provides more geometrical beauty to the flooring.

This pattern is the best option for larger and open spaces as there will be more scope for creating the illusion of design and depth. The thin and long herringbone pattern is used for making this new pattern. In this thin and long herringbone flooring boards are arranged together to create the same zig zag look. But the different in the length of the boards changes the entire game and we have an entirely new and different flooring. This flooring is the ideal option for the commercial units and offices where more active and radiant Engineered Oak Flooring design is required.

If you are someone interested in knowing more about the patterns that are available in the herringbone flooring then please read the infographic attached. You will have a detailed idea about the patterns available and which is the best place to get them installed.