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Farm Style Dog Boarding vs. Traditional Kennels: Which is Better?

Dancing Creek Farm

When it comes to boarding your beloved canine companion, the choices can be overwhelming. Among the most popular options are farm style dog boarding and traditional kennels. Each offers unique benefits and caters to different needs and preferences. This article delves into the differences between these two types of dog boarding, helping you determine which is better for your pet.

Understanding Farm Style Dog Boarding

Natural Environment and Space

Farm style dog boarding facilities are typically located in rural or semi-rural areas, providing ample outdoor space for dogs to explore. This setting mimics a more natural environment, which can be beneficial for dogs that thrive in open spaces. The large, open areas allow for more exercise and play, reducing stress and anxiety.

Personalized and Home-Like Care

These facilities often emphasize a more home-like atmosphere. With fewer dogs compared to traditional kennels, the staff can provide more personalized attention. Dogs might have access to cozy indoor areas, spacious outdoor runs, and sometimes even farm animals, creating a stimulating and comforting environment.

Understanding Traditional Kennels

Structured Environment

Traditional kennels are usually more structured, with designated areas for sleeping, eating, and exercising. This setup ensures that each dog has a specific space, reducing the likelihood of conflicts. Kennels are often located in urban or suburban areas, making them more accessible for many pet owners.

Professional Supervision and Services

Traditional kennels often offer a range of professional services, such as grooming, training, and veterinary care. The staff is trained to handle various dog breeds and behaviors, providing a secure and well-monitored environment. This can be especially important for dogs that require specialized care or have medical needs.

Comparing the Two: Pros and Cons

Farm Style Dog Boarding


  • Ample Space: Large outdoor areas for exercise and play.
  • Natural Setting: Less stress for dogs that enjoy open spaces and nature.
  • Personalized Attention: More individualized care and a home-like environment.


  • Location: Often located in rural areas, which may be inconvenient for some owners.
  • Limited Services: May not offer as many professional services as traditional kennels.
  • Weather Dependent: Outdoor activities can be limited by weather conditions.

Traditional Kennels


  • Accessibility: Typically located in urban or suburban areas, making drop-off and pick-up easier.
  • Range of Services: Access to grooming, training, and veterinary care on-site.
  • Structured Environment: Consistent routine and designated spaces for each dog.


  • Limited Space: Smaller play areas compared to farm style facilities.
  • Stress Levels: The kennel environment can be more stressful for some dogs due to noise and confinement.
  • Less Personal Attention: With more dogs to care for, individual attention may be limited.

Which is Better for Your Dog?

The choice between farm style dog boarding and traditional kennels largely depends on your dog’s personality, needs, and your preferences as a pet owner.

For Active and Social Dogs

If your dog is highly active, enjoys socializing with other animals, and thrives in open spaces, a farm style boarding facility might be the best choice. The natural environment and ample space can provide the physical and mental stimulation your dog needs.

For Dogs Requiring Special Care

On the other hand, if your dog requires special care, such as regular grooming, medical attention, or structured training, a traditional kennel may be more suitable. The professional staff and range of services can ensure your pet receives the necessary care and supervision.

Convenience for Owners

Consider your own convenience as well. If you live in an urban area and need a facility that is easy to reach, a traditional kennel may be more practical. However, if you don’t mind a bit of travel for the sake of your dog’s happiness, a farm style boarding facility could be worth the extra effort.


Both farm style dog boarding and traditional kennels have their distinct advantages and challenges. By understanding your dog’s needs and your logistical considerations, you can make an informed decision that ensures your pet’s well-being and happiness while you’re away. Whether you opt for the natural, spacious environment of a farm or the structured, professional setting of a kennel, the key is to choose a facility where your dog feels comfortable, safe, and loved.


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