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The Most Trusted & Admired Company of The Year 2024

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Melangesine Advertising Private Limited

“We love what we do & we do it with passion.”

The advertising industry is growing day by day in India. Advertising plays a crucial role in establishing the relationship between businesses, goods, and customers. The more effective the advertising, the better it will be at converting the messages of their clients into potential customers. These brands are investing more in quality advertising, making this industry grow by 9.86% by 2025.

We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Andrea Maria Boye, Director and Client Servicing Head, and Ms. Aakriti Bhatia, Director and Creative Head of Melangesine Advertising Private Limited, honored as ‘The Most Trusted & Admired Company of The Year 2024’ at Prime Insights.

Prime insights: What was the defining spark that ignited the inception of your company?

Andrea and I met each other at an advertising agency, where she was to be my direct boss. She was heading the creative team, and I joined as the copywriter, fresh out of college. While her profile was strictly client servicing, she not only had knowledge of every other profile in the team but could also single-handedly do almost all of it if need be. She had a detailed understanding, not just of the agency or clients on board but also of the design software used and preferred printing techniques. While I had some natural flair for writing, she guided me on how to work in the hospitality industry at such a level. As I worked under her, I learned not just how to hone my craft but the entire process. With a thorough understanding of each other’s working styles and mutual respect, we saw that our individual career goals aligned with each other. That is when we decided to dive straight into a partnership with each other and spent all our hours making Melangesine what it is today.

Melangesine Advertising Prime insights: What were the toughest challenges your business faced in the beginning, and how did you overcome them?

As entrepreneurs, our greatest obstacle has always been getting by with limited resources. Convincing our clients that, while being a smaller business, we could provide them with the same work, quicker turnaround times, and higher quality was difficult.

Prime insights: How has your brand established and maintained its reputation for trust within the market? What distinguishes its unique approach?

It’s not an understatement to say that the level of trust generated by a company can make or break customer relationships, brand mission, and brand image. Having set up most of our clientele through word of mouth, professional rapports built over a decade, or referrals from existing clients, odds are we’ve built a strong sense of brand trust and security for our clients to keep retaining us for our services. Our strengths include transparency, high-quality work, and quick response times.

Prime insights: What are the core offerings, encompassing services and solutions, provided by your company?

We specialize in print and digital advertising, predominantly in the Hospitality, Food & Beverage Industries. We offer everything ranging from creating a new brand identity to posters, menus, outdoor ads and billboards, brochures, interactive PDFs, packaging designs, social media posts, and more.

Prime insights: In today’s climate of scepticism, do you observe any changes in consumer trust towards brands, or does doubt largely persist?

Trust is a two-way street. For consumers to trust a brand, the brand has to first and then continuously, every single day, prove that it is worthy of that trust. At Melangesine, our word and the trust that our clients put in us take precedence over everything else, and we try our best to ensure no alterations in our personal or professional lives hinder our deliverables, neither in quality nor in the timelines committed.

Prime insights: How does your company define the term ‘customer’ within its operational framework?

Any person or company looking for us to utilize our skills and help define and augment their brand value is, for us, a prospective customer. It is important for us to understand their requirements entirely before we can promise to deliver something that blends perfectly with their vision.

Melangesine AdvertisingPrime insights: What marketing initiatives or programs have proven most effective in promoting your company’s initiatives, offerings, or services?

Word-of-mouth and a professional rapport have served us effectively so far since our establishment. In the future, we hope to develop a digital presence for both our clients as well as ourselves.

Prime insights: Could you provide insights into any new categories or changes implemented within your company’s offerings this year?

Given the digital world that we as people keep stepping further into every year, our team is planning to eventually open its own social media marketing wing and subsequently offer all-around solutions from print to digital advertising.

Prime insights: Have you conducted assessments to gauge the level of consumer trust in your brand?

We have regular conversations with our clients to understand any issues we may not be noticing while working on day-to-day jobs and where we can work better to offer them the best results. We incorporate client insights into our business strategy. This also helps us keep a check on their level of satisfaction with past and ongoing projects.


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