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7 Watches that changed the course of Watchmaking

Andrew Collins
Timekeeping has always been something that humans have always embraced. In the olden days people kept track of time with the help of sundials. With the movement of the sun, the time of the day was predicted. Then came the candle clocks which were used for telling the time. Similarly, as time evolved various kinds of technologies came one after the other and gave birth to various kinds of watches such as stopwatches, wristwatches, etc. The actual revolution came when the cheap branded watches started getting interesting makeovers and there came watches which had special materials incorporated in them which made them stand apart from the rest of the time pieces. Let’s have a look at a few of them here in the subsequent paragraphs. The first in line is the Rolex submariner. This watch is known for its uncluttered dial and rugged design. The aesthetic appearance of the watch has been winning hearts of the individuals and this watch serves the purpose of the mechanical diver’s watch as well as the sports watch. Second watch that we are going to talk is the Seiko Astron. This watch was world’s first GPS solar watch. This watch comes with a strong titanium which is coated on its interiors as well as exteriors. The addition of titanium coating makes this watch scratch proof and therefore a reliable watch which can stand the test of time. Adding to the selection of men’s affordable watches are Swatch watches. These timepieces are a noteworthy addition that cannot be overlooked. Available in various shades, they offer a range of trendy color options to choose from. Swatch watches are renowned for their vibrant colours and stylish designs, making them a top choice among the younger generation. Let’s not forget about Casio G-Shock, a standout in the Casio watches for men collection. With the ability to withstand a 10-meter drop and boasting 100-meter water resistance, this rugged timepiece is a favorite among those seeking durability and functionality. If you are someone interested in know more about the watches which changed the way of timekeeping then you must refer to the infographic attached and you will have a fair idea about such watches and the interesting features that they have. Additionally, you can also buy watches online at Give & Take London to find the best deals and offers on trending timepieces.
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