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Explore the premium cast iron collection from Style Asia Inc. A valuable addition to any kitchen.

Style Asia Inc

ğŸŽ Mother’s Day is just a month away! 🌸 Give your mother the perfect gift to cherish for years to come! Explore the premium cast iron collection from Style Asia Inc. A valuable addition to any kitchen.

Whether your mother is a cooking enthusiast or simply enjoys preparing meals for the family, our Jim Beam®️ cast iron products are sure to impress. From skillets to professional-level sears, we have everything she needs to upgrade her kitchen experience.

🍔 Jim Beam®️ Cast Iron Burger Press: Crafted with perfection. Ideal for ground beef, turkey, steaks, and more.

🍳 Jim Beam®️ 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillet Set: With superior heat retention, our skillet is perfect for stovetop grilling or oven baking.

ğŸ¥ž Jim Beam®️ Cast Iron Griddle: Versatile and pre-seasoned, this griddle is ideal for frying, sautéing, or baking – perfect for any kitchen adventure.


🍽 Jim Beam®️ Cast Iron Square Grill Pan: Achieve restaurant-quality sears and chars on meats, fish, and veggies with this pre-seasoned, oven-safe grill pan.

🥩 Jim Beam®️ Cast Iron Meat Press: Crafted for grilling perfection, this durable press helps to remove unwanted fat for healthier meals every time.


🍳 Jim Beam®️ Pre-Seasoned 5-in-1 Cast-Iron Skillet: This versatile skillet features grill and griddle surfaces, perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking adventures.


🍳 Jim Beam®️ Round Cast Iron Skillet: Pre-seasoned for even cooking, this skillet is a kitchen essential for stovetops, grills, and ovens alike.

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Make this Mother’s Day one to remember with our premium cast iron collection. Customized for Kitchenware Retailers, Restaurant Supply Stores, Online Retailers, Hotels, Resorts, and Home Goods Stores.

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