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Maximize Space: Smart Ideas for HDB Bathroom Renovation

Vanshika BT

If you have an old design bathroom and want to turn it into a new look, you should renovate the bathroom with trending HDB bathroom renovation designs. For this aim, you need to approach the leading HDB bathroom renovation service provider in Singapore. Many interior design and renovation service companies in Singapore can provide you with customized solutions for HDB bathroom renovation projects. Thus, you can easily maximize spacing and change the interior designs of the bathroom with the help of professionals in Singapore. The expert interior designers in Singapore have vast experience in HDB bathroom renovation and design to change the layout of the bathroom to make it eye-catching. 

Smart Layouts for HDB Bathroom Renovation in Singapore

Changing layouts of HDB bathrooms is feasible with the help of experienced interior designers and renovation experts in Singapore. They have extensive knowledge of trending HDB bathroom structures, designs, and sizes of bathrooms in HDB homes in Singapore. Hence, they can provide you with customized renovation for HDB bathrooms to change their layouts, and designs and maximize spacing by placing bathroom essentials like sinks, toilets, doors, cabinets, lights, etc., in the right place. So, if you want to give a trending look and design to your old HDB bathroom, you should contact the top-notch HDB bathroom renovation experts in Singapore and get the job done. 

Here are some trending HDB bathroom renovationlayout ideas in Singapore that you can opt for to give an amazing look to your bathroom:

1. Wall Mounted Fixtures

You can free up some spacing in the bathroom by opting wall wall-mounted fixtures like toilets, sinks, lights, etc. For this objective, you can take the aid of HDB bathroom renovation experts in Singapore. They can manage to install wall-aligned fixtures at the right spots and maximize space in the bathroom to give an open feel. 

2. Compact Vanity

By selecting a compact vanity, you can manage the storage of bathroom essentials like soaps, towels, toiletries, and other bathroom cleaning supplies.  Thus, you can get more space in the bathroom for installing other decorative elements. To know a suitable compact vanity, you can consult with HDB bathroom renovation experts in Singapore. They will guide you on which types of compact vanity will be suitable for your HDB bathroom installation that looks beautiful and maximizes the space.

3. Glass Shower Enclosure 

The idea of installing a glass shower enclosure will enhance the beauty of the bathroom. It will give a visual impact to the bathroom that looks amazing and also create some privacy in your showering space. You should choose a glass show frame including glass having decent transparency that gives an appealing look to viewers. Also, it can increase spacing in the bathroom, if you install a frameless glass shower enclosure.

4. Match Colours of Walls and Tiles

You can create an appealing look inside the HDB bathroom renovationproject by matching the colours of bathroom walls and floor tiles. You may choose contrasting tiles and wall colours or blend them to create an awesome look at the interior of the bathroom. Besides, the combinations of tiles and walls like white and grey, grey and navy blue, and white walls and tiles with shades can also have an impact on the interior bathroom. Moreover, it can affect spacing in the bathroom to some extent, if you make a selection of bright colours for bathroom walls and tiles. 

5. Mirroring 

You can create a large-spacing look or feel inside the bathroom by installing big-size mirrors too. It is advised to design mirror glass according to the wall position and size. Also, it is necessary to check specifications like the length and width of the wall and match the same with a mirror before installation. A large mirror in the bathroom will create an impact to maximize spacing in your showering zone.

6. Toilet Design and Size

This is also an important consideration in choosing the right toilet design and size for HDB bathroom installation. You can install modern design toilets that look stunning and are also available in different sizes and shapes. Besides, you should choose a toilet design or size that gets easily adjusted in the small size bathroom and saves space in the bathroom. Furthermore, you can also match toilet colour with walls or tiles to create an awesome look in the bathroom. If you want to renovate a toilet, you can take benefit of the resale toilet renovation package offered by Singapore-based suppliers. Under this package, you can get modern design toilets replacing old toilets at cheap prices. 

7. Choose Light Colours

You can create a large spacing feel or look in the bathroom by choosing light colours for walls, tiles, and cabinetry in the bathroom. Having bright colour entities in the bathroom will have clear visibility that will impact on spacing in the bathroom to look brighter and airier. For betterment, you can consult with HDB bathroom renovation experts in Singapore to know the light colours for your bathroom essentials.

8. Floating Shelves and Racks

You can also maximize spacing in the bathroom by installing floating shelves and racks, which are useful for storing bathroom essentials like towels, tissue paper, soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries. Floating shelves and racks are easy to fit on walls and do not occupy space in the bathroom. Hence, it gives you the flexibility to utilize racks and shelves for storing bathroom-used items without impacting floor spacing. 

9. Choose Right Lights

Lights for your bathroom can also play a vital role in giving a large spacing feel or look to the bathroom. You should choose warm and brighter lights for the showering, vanity, and sink areas to create an awesome look and spacious feel in the bathroom. The stores are flooded with a wide variety of bathroom lights that vary in colours, designs, brightness levels, and more. So, you need to choose the right light for your HDB bathroom that matches your requirements and helps maximize the size of the bathroom.

10. Flooring Material

Flooring in your HDB bathroom can also impact creating a spacious feel at the showering zone. There are varieties of bathroom flooring materials seen at the stores such as laminate, porcelain tiles, vinyl, hardwood, concrete, etc. These are some awesome options in flooring for bathrooms and kitchens in homes. So, you can choose any of such options for impactful flooring in your bathroom and give an appealing and spacious look to the same area.

Thus, above are some vital layout ideas for maximizing spacing in your HDB bathroom. For more help, you can take the aid of trusted HDB bathroom renovation professionals and interior service providers in Singapore. The bathroom renovation experts in Singapore can make the right selections of all the above bathroom essentials and match up to your custom requirements to create an appealing and spacious look or feel in the bathroom.

Before you take the services of any HDB bathroom renovation professionals in Singapore, you should check some points about them as follows:

  • You should get services of the professional and authorized bathroom renovation experts in Singapore. 
  • Do not forget to check the credentials of bathroom renovation professionals such as experience level, reputation, service record, official website, online reviews, and so on. 
  • Take a look at testimonials of previous projects of HDB bathroom renovation experts to check their quality and experience in the work.
  • Compare the charges of customized HDB bathroom renovation services of professionals in Singapore and choose the best one to deal with.

So, it is necessary to identify the above points before getting the service of an HDB bathroom renovation service provider in Singapore. 


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