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How do I contact a support person in Outlook

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Are you tired of solving problems freely with the Outlook app? A person can find a medium to contact Outlook support to get the solution. How do I contact a support person in Outlook If you’re curious about how to reach a support representative in Outlook, I recommend reading this post.

The message feature within the Outlook application enables users to send messages to the support team. To accelerate the settlement process, it is recommended to reach Outlook’s mobile support line +1-(847)-306 9989 for quick assistance. Similarly, an alternative approach includes starting Microsoft support chat by authenticating yourself using the application or website. Continue reading to get information about how to reach human and virtual support personnel in Outlook.
Call Outlook Support Phone Number to Contact a Real Person

If you need help, please contact Microsoft Support at any time (for immediate assistance) at +1-(847)-306 9989. Only U.S. citizens are allowed to use this number. It’s a global customer support number to contact Outlook Customer Service Expert. To request a callback for Outlook Home customer, go to and log in. After logging in, you can request a callback and provide your preferred means of contact.

How to Contact Support for Outlook App on Your Phone

I Phone and Android users can just contact Outlook Help by following a few steps. Follow these steps according to your operating system.
● Steps to contact Outlook support for iPhone

Tap your profile picture after opening the Outlook app.

Next, find the question mark (?) symbol and tap it.

Next, tap ‘Contact support.’

Put forward your concern.
The customer service agent at Outlook will contact you in some time.
● Steps to contact Outlook support for Android
Head over to ‘Settings’ in Outlook on your phone.
Select ‘Help & Feedback.’
After that, choose ‘Contact Support.’
Describe your concern

Let the support representative give you a reply.

How to Directly Contact Support for

If you are users and are unable to sign in to your account, contact support via email. The process mentioned below should be followed.

Sign in to
Navigate to the section ‘Get support via email’.
Choose ‘Help’ from the menu.
After that, select the ‘? Help’ icon.
Put in your issue in the ‘Search Help’ box.
Hit the ‘Return’ option.
Go through the self-help answers. In most cases, they resolve the queries of users.
But if they don’t, go down till you reach the end of this help pane.
Once there, choose ‘Help’ under ‘Still need help?’
You may also browse the community to find an answer to your issue.
How to Open a Case with Microsoft Support?

To join the conversation with a support representative in Outlook, it is advisable to start a Microsoft support request. You need to follow the guidelines below to start a support case and get help.Tap ‘Support’ from the primary navigation ribbon in Microsoft Services Hub.

Next, tap ‘Open a support request.’
Complete the New Support Request form.
Choose your product. In this case, it will be Outlook.
Describe your concern.
Describe the issue’s severity and the extent of help you need.
Give your account information and verify the request’s details.


Q: Can I chat with Microsoft support?

A: Signing in to your account can start you chat How do I contact a support person in Outlook online with Microsoft support. If you want to talk with sales assistance, go to the Microsoft Store page and select chat pop-up in the lower right corner.
Q: Does Microsoft have a support email?
A: Microsoft support staff use domains, and with the aim of emailing customers.
Q: How can I get help from Microsoft?

A: You can first get help from Microsoft by going to This is the support website where you’ll get different types of support options. You can contact a support person by phone, live chat or email.
Q: How do I repair my Outlook inbox?
A: Close the Outlook app and launch the SCANPST.EXE plugin. Click ‘Browse’ option to select the Outlook Data File (.pst) that you think a problem is coming. Start the scan by selecting ‘Start’ option. If a malfunction is found, choose the ‘Repair’ option.

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