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Anandvan Jungle Resort by RFH

In Northern India, Rishikesh also known as Hrishikesh, where the sacred river the holy ganga flows, is one of the major tourists and pilgrimage is believed that meditation in the lap of Rishikesh brings closer to the salvation and that’s why people across the world arrive here in search of Peace and salvation. In this spiritual town, the Anandvan Jungle resorts provides an amazing staycation where Serenity welcomes excitement and adventures with luxury and Greenery surrounded by the placid woods, this 4-Star Jungle Resort provides a resurrection and revival break from the inner noise to restore calmness inside.
Anandvan Jungle resort by RFH which is situated at Neelkanth Mandir Road Pipal Koti Rishikesh ,20 km away from bus stand and 22 km away from Railway station and 21.4 km Dehradun airport by any motor vehicle provides free parking and pet friendly including all basic amenities.
It’s nearby attraction or sight-seeing places are Neelkanth temple approx. 5kms away, Mata Balkumari temple 1.5 kms away, Patna waterfall 7kms away, Triveni Ghat 6.5 kms away and almost 55 attractions are within 10km.
It is surrounded by beautiful 17 cottages with amazing view of forest and with the melody of a nearby river, they’ve got a reasonably king-sized swimming pool to Dive into serenity, where every splash tells a story of relaxation and bliss.
On-site Restaurant where savouring every bite is like a symphony for the taste buds – each flavour, a masterpiece. Culinary perfection at its finest! Delight your stomach with variety and amazing cuisine in the on-site restaurant.
Game Room to take a break from the screen and step into the great outdoors – it’s time to play and recharge the spirit with a breath of fresh air and hand on hand with various games and activities i.e. snooker, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, and chess.
Gazebo: Relax in bamboo huts Nestled amid lush greenery, these bamboo huts exude a harmonious blend of rustic charm and eco-friendly aesthetics. The sturdy bamboo walls create a natural cocoon, allowing a gentle breeze to weave through, while the thatched roofs offer a soothing melody as raindrops embrace them. Inside, a cozy sanctuary unfolds, adorned with simplicity and an earthy ambiance. These huts not only provide a tranquil retreat but also stand as a testament to sustainable living, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding environment. Welcome to a haven where the serenity of nature meets the warmth of traditional craftsmanship perfect for unwinding amidst nature.
Stream access to Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of a nearby river, adding to the overall serenity.
Common Lawn Area: Envision an enchanting retreat – an expansive, open common lawn area cradled by the embrace of towering trees from a lush forest. This idyllic haven seamlessly blends the curated beauty of a manicured lawn with the untamed elegance of the surrounding wilderness. Sunlight filters through the foliage, casting a gentle glow on the green carpet below. The symphony of rustling leaves and birdsong serenades this natural amphitheatre, creating a serene escape where the boundaries between cultivated landscape and wild woodland dissolve. Step into this harmonious coexistence, where the allure of open spaces converges with the majesty of the untamed woodland sanctuary.
In the commitment to hospitality, they go beyond expectations, creating an atmosphere where every detail is a reflection of their dedication to everyone’s comfort. Impeccable cleanliness is not just a standard; it’s a promise they uphold and ensures a sanctuary where you can relax, rejuvenate, and indulge in a truly memorable experience. From pristine accommodations to sparkling common areas, they invite you to embrace a stay where hospitality meets the highest standards of hygiene, leaving you with cherished moments and the assurance of a carefree retreat.

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